The OkCupid Drinking Game

This list started a couple of years ago after friends and I were joking about things seen in people's profiles on the OkCupid dating site.

If the person whose profile you're looking at has one of these, DRINK!

  • One-line, incomplete, or blank answers to profile sections, or says "I'll fill this out later"
  • Drinking in their primary profile picture
  • Username has an alcohol or drugs reference
  • Username has "princess", "diva", "goddess", "hotty", etc in it
  • Duckface, pouty face, or severely angled face shot
  • Profile picture shows boobs, ass, or shirtless torso, but no face
  • Topless selfie in bathroom mirror (if mirror is dirty, drink twice)
  • Bathroom mirror selfie with dirty bathroom counter or open toilet
  • Looking for "physically fit" or "In good shape" but they themselves aren't
  • Has the words "no drama", "down to earth", "God fearing", "laid back", "easygoing", "music is my life", or "love to laugh"
  • Makes reference to "Keepin it real" or "Wanting a real man"
  • Photo with ex-significant-other or other person badly cropped out
  • Photo with two people in the picture - which one is them?
  • Photo of person holding up a dead animal (fish, deer, etc)
  • Says "must love sports"
  • Picture of their genitals or barely-exposed pubic hair
  • Says "I'm not a reader, I don't read books" and is proud of it
  • Says "Looks not important"
  • Their favorite movies include the Twilight Series
  • Says they don't drink much, yet every pic is a partying shot
  • Picture of their pet. If dressed in people clothes, drink again
  • Picture of their expensive car
  • "My wife and I are in an open and loving relationship and looking for...."
  • Any question answered with "I don't know, you tell me" or "I'm not telling"
  • "Message me if: You want to."
  • "If you want to know anything, just ask."
  • "I like all kinds of music except rap and country."
  • "I like all genres of movies except horror."
  • Lists "sex" as a hobby or interest, or something they're good at. If oral is mentioned, drink twice
  • Uses their profile to diss or badmouth an ex or someone else on the
  • Lists their phone number in the profile or in a first message
  • Will only talk to others via kik, snapchat, etc
  • Thinks women are obligated to shave their legs
  • Lists obvious things like water or oxygen in the 6 things they can't live without
  • Is anti-abortion/contraception but thinks an open relationship would be just fine

Last updated: 2/14/15

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